General terms and conditions

Thank you for honoring the trust our shop! Please, if you purchaser and intends to be an active user of webshop, carefully read the Terms of Service and pick only in the case of use of our services, if you agree to be bound and binding as to all points . This document is not filed, will be concluded only in electronic form, can not be retrieved later, it does not refer to the Code of Conduct.

The shop operation, the ordering and delivery process in connection with the general information here.

Terms of use of the web
1. Jurisdiction
2. Contracting Parties
3. The GCC aims
4. Terms and Conditions Language
5. Terms and Conditions of the material, spatial and temporal scope
6. Approval of the Terms and Conditions of the Customer part
7. Use of the Service Catalog
8. Conclusion of Contract
9. Customer 's rights, obligations
10. Data protection and data security
11. Modification of Terms
12. Final Provisions

1. Jurisdiction

Terms of the Online Shop the general conditions for an agreement between the Operator and the Customer coming into contact with the contractual relationship. questions not regulated by the GTC regarding the Hungarian laws in force are governed, in particular:

• 2001 CVIII tv. On certain aspects of electronic commerce services and information society services,
• Act CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-Determination and Freedom of Information Law. TV.;
• V tv 2013. the Civil Code (hereinafter referred to as the new Civil Code. );
• Regulation 17/1999 on government to distance contracts (II.5.);
The provisions apply even without specific stipulation.

2. Contracting Parties The shop owner:
Biyovis Hungary Kft. , Hereinafter referred to as Provider
VAT number: 22729932-2-03
Company registration number: 03-09-120394 (Kecskemét Court of Registration ) Headquarters: 6000 , Kossuth tér 5. 1/3.
Locations: 6000 , Tatar place 6th
E- mail: Tel: +36-76/506-270
Managing Director: Erika Farkas
Contract Language: Hungarian

The web store to offer a contract concluded by electronic means (between distance contracts: Government Decree 45/2014 (II.26)...). The shop operation in case of issue of the order and delivery process incurred in connection with the specified contact us we are available ( weekdays 8:00-16:30).

2.1. The Client:
Any natural or legal person who takes the Store service, ie the web interface Webshop register for this interface and provides merchandise, buy. Further, as a Customer.

2.2 . The transporter:
GLS General Logistics Systems Hungary Kft Package Logistics ( 2351 Alsónémedi, GLS u Europa 2 tax number. 12369410-2-44, Cgj: 13-09-111755). (Hereinafter: Courier Service)
The courier service delivers our goods under the terms of its own general terms, given the webshop prices of completed order.

3. The GCC aims
as defined by the Terms and Conditions of Service aims to:
• Shop the detailed rules for the services and conditions for the use of;
• contractual rights and obligations of the Operator and the Customer;
• and other important circumstances related to the Webshop service.

4. Terms and Conditions Language The contract is written in Hungarian

5. Terms and Conditions of the material, spatial and temporal scope
a) Scope The GCC includes:
 • any "electronic commerce services" provided by the Service Provider through the webshop to the Customer; furthermore
• in relation to the Service and Customer rights and obligations. and
• any relevant parameter of the operation of the Online Shop;

b) Territorial application

c) Duration

The Terms and Conditions and any amendments thereto in force by the Service Provider and Service Provider by its withdrawal, or in the next amendment of the GTC web site, publication of its' publication of " valid. The Terms and Conditions shall remain in force until the Service Catalog provides the service.

6. Approval of the Terms and Conditions of the Customer part

The adoption by the Terms and Conditions of the Online Shop Customer-service use is a prerequisite. deemed to have accepted these conditions, if the customer uses the service, that is, the web site register yourself and understand the Terms and Conditions of acceptance of the statement as meaning that the web interface specified check this rubric. If the Service during the time elapsed since the last entry of the Order of the GCC modified, the Customer shall notify the change to buy it, so the new GTC Customer must agree to before the next re-submit an order.

7. Use of the Service Catalog

Service to the Customer under the following conditions provides the Store service.

7.1. Shop the territorial scope of services:

7.2. Required basic data required for registration:

· Billing name
· Date of birth
· A valid e-mail address
· Phone
· Language
· Transport Mode
· Payment

7.3. Additional required information is required for ordering:

• Billing Data
• Shipping information

7.4. to use the
The first delivery of orders in the webshop is only possible electronically website. cast by the partner in another format on the website of the Service orders are not accepted. The rate is based on products under the given commodity gross purchase price, which is included in the general sales tax, but does not include delivery charges.
3. If a price is indicated, despite all due care, incorrectly - particularly obvious mistakes, the general sales value significantly different or appear due to a system failure rates, - the Service Provider is not obliged to the ordered product delivered to wrong price, but also informing the Customer will offer the right costs of delivery. If the Customer does not meet it, rescind the contract.
4. The prices shown do not constitute a direct offer. Service provider for any damages arising from any regulations not be liable.
5 photos Located next to the articles of symbolic images of commodities packaging, appearance may vary.
6. We are not responsible for making the ordered product to the Customer for its own purposes to be used. The Customer is obliged to examine whether the product meets the goals of its use.
Service Provider reserves the right to refuse orders already confirmed, in part or in full.

8. Conclusion of Contract

8.1 General features:

to run by members of the Service Catalog on the surface of the contract, the acceptance of these terms and conditions will be created. Shopping in the webstore conditions of registration. The offer will be created when the customer approves the final form of the order, the web interface is sent to the Service Provider. Service to the Customer confirms the order details can be identified by electronic mail sent to the registered e-mail address to confirm the order. The Service of the receipt of orders reserves the right to check the authenticity or during the registration of incomprehensible data, delete, and checked declare invalid an order. The Service of the contract has not been filed, it does not constitute a code of conduct.

8.2 Registration:

The Customer Shop-in registration has to enter data and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions and rules of business information after ordering at the technical possibility to buy the product range. The product range of the Customer web interface are free to pick and choose without signing in, you can put your cart.

8.3. The offer, purchase:

The Customer will deliver orders in the webshop, buy only after you sign the registration number and PIN code or partner can through our webshop. Without the cart check- products collected at check-in to the store automatically puts the personal shopping cart. The offer selected button in the web interface by activating happens. The offer shall be deemed to have occurred if, following the confirmation of the Order confirmation e -mail to get your order has been accepted.

9. Customer 's rights, obligations

9.1. The right of withdrawal

for exercising the right of withdrawal costs incurred in connection with the return of the products to be borne by the Client. Cash on delivery receipt of returned packages is not possible. Provider of product damage resulting from improper use of a claim.

To avoid disputes in the package containing the returned goods prepare the opening of the Service photo and video recording. The Service held only undamaged, complete packaging and quality, value, did not decrease in product return refund the full purchase price.

Customer may not exercise the right of withdrawal for a product either, which is linked to a person, and which is prepared based on the customer's instructions, or at the specific request or which can not be disclosed to its nature or perishable.

Customer order simply can cancel with no obligation availabilities through the Service as long as they do not give a package of services through a courier service for delivery. Rules 17/1999. (II.5.) Government Decree on Issues not covered in the contract between the Civil Code, as well as to distance contracts shall prevail.

9.2. The potential loss of services

If the returned goods turn out to be damaged and this damage is due to improper use of 17/1999. Under depreciation (II.5.) government regulation caused the product to demand reimbursement of services from the customer.

9.3. Warranty

In case of faulty performance-related costs borne by the Supplier warranty rights enforcement.

10. Privacy Policy:

The Service stated during the registration process personal data CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-Determination and Freedom of Information Law. treated under the conditions provided by law. Accordingly, the treatment given during the registration process personal data on the basis of prior informed consent and voluntary, in terms of customers (legal basis for data management).
The Service Provider shall use the data exclusively related to the Webshop service take advantage of ordering purposes, the customer's explicit consent and sent newsletter services (data management goals) under the Service's own promotional, advertising, electronic advertising campaigns.
The Customer Service of personal data to third parties does not pass, except for courier services.
Customer acknowledges that the data is voluntary, it consented voluntarily and for an indefinite period that may be revoked in writing at any time. Since a significant portion of the world over the Internet without encryption data transmission takes place in the present circumstances, such services nor can guarantee that when sending data to the server to the data by unauthorized persons can not access.
Customer registration by pressing the button absolutely and irrevocably declares that the GCC, the Privacy informative read, understood, acknowledged and recognized as binding itself.

10.1. Changing your personal data:

The personal data of the Customer at any time change the Store user interface.
Modifiable data:
• E-mail address
• Phone

A further modification of personal data is possible only via the customer service. +36-76/506-270
The cancellation of registration of the buyer e-mail address or phone our customer service +36-76/506-270 ask.

11. Modification of Terms

The Service reserves the right to use the Terms and Conditions at any time all or part of change.

12. Final Provisions

12.1. Conditions relating to contracts between distant parties

Written contracts are negotiated between Service Provider and Customer Service that is stored in the electronic system.

12.2. Termination of the contract

Customer may terminate the contract at any time, which shall take note Provider Confirmation of the identity of the Customer and the Customer eliminates Shop-use, registration will be deleted. The Service reserves the right to present GTC If the customer does not comply with the provisions, terminate the contract unilaterally.

12.3. Responsibility

Customer full responsibility for all orders placed and other transaction in which a unique identifier (PIN) has been used. In this regard, Customer shall ensure the proper PIN code kept secret. Customer responsibility this is not the case if the PIN has been outside his fault you person (s) unauthorized.


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