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You will always know when you will be fertile: 72 hour in advance, with the help from woman’s saliva. When can it work? When do you have to be careful? Don’t need the pill? You do not have a reliable method? There are several different types of methods used to become or the opposite avoid getting pregnant. Biyovis offers a device that is reliable, easy to use and is accepted by everyone!

It has been accepted by gynecologists as a personal health diagnostic device, which can discretely fit into all purses and is easy to use. It is easy to use and the results are understandable, using the woman’s saliva the device displays the menstruation cycle’s fertile and unfertile days 72 hours in advance. We recommend it to couples, who would like to have children and for women who do not want to use chemical birth control methods. It is also recommended to be used along with other methods to verify results.

- Clinically tested
- Efficiency rate is 99%, which matches the official efficiency rate of the birth control pill.

Apply a drop of saliva on the portable pocket microscope’s lens and wait till it dries. After 15 minutes no expertise is required to determine the result.
If you see the fern leaf structure like the one in the instruction you are fertile.


Alkalmas a  gyermek nemének befolyásolására egy bizonyos mértékben:
- when the first signs of the fern patterns begin to appear, the chance of it being a girls is more likely to be conceived,
- and when the most dense fern pattern appears, the chance of it of becoming a boy is more likely.

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