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Biyovis Holding- is one of the first in the world to offer solutions to 21st century problems caused by the fast paced world

We are certain, that in Your family or environment that there are people, who suffer from „civilization” health problems, like allergies, asthma, stress, gastric ulcers, etc.- or at least this is what the statistics show.

These problems existed 10 years ago in human’s weekdays as well, but since then new factors appeared, like environment pollution, unhealthy practically „fake” food consumptiont, constant scurrying, thus the old health problems require a new solution.












The Biyovis Holding international research, developer and professional team discovered, a new direction, „path” open to development.

Biyovis Holding internationally undertook the fight against the civilization problems arising from the fast paced lifestyle problems which is not only a breakthrough help for humanity, but also for the environment and offers an outstanding opportunity as well.

Research for your success

We performed two researches.

The results of the first research showed, that people expect a solution to civilization problems like allergies, asthma, stress etc. In the second research we tested how people gladly accept Biyovis solutions as „products to solve problems caused by the 21st century’s fast paced lifestyles”. 

The following results were reported from the research: people have been suffering from health problems for years- along with financial problems, and they gladly accept new solutions, since they know that the past years scurrying, unhealthy nutrition and lifestyle requires new help.

Thus, it became obvious to Biyovis and its experts, that the KEY TO SUCCESS is if we are the country’s and world’s first solution delivering company offering solutions to the above mentioned civilization problems.

Thus Your success and Biyovis Holding’s success’ message to people: 

„Solutions to problems of the 21st century’s fast paced lifestyle"

This is the guideline message for further development, manufacturing, marketing and new help, with which we would like support your success.

Biyovis Holding: An international team

As you know, Biyovis Holding is an international business group, and with international researchers, developers, and experts who have already done a great deal for humanity, our health and environment.

We are working on projects that solve problems of the 21st century:

New solutions to civilization health problems
-  Restoring the natural water’s life viability
-  Energy saving solutions

With the help of Your work Biyovis Holding offers custom made solutions to 21st century civilization problems.

Discount on each product that everyone can attain?


As a Biyovis® registered member, you have the chance to purchase the products at discount price, for your own personal use, or for the purpose of further retailing them.

You became a member of the 21st century’s problem solving club- noble mission

We would like if you could also offer solutions to people regarding:



How to live healthily?


How to overcome civilization problems?


How to create individual financial security and financial security for others?


What is necessary for harmony and a balanced life?


How to protect the environment in order for your grand children to live on a nice clean planet?


Did you find at least three points attractive from the listing above? Then there is a big chance that you can build a successful business with us!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us;
Kecskemét H-6000
Kisfaludy st. 8. I. floor. 107. door
Tel/fax:  +36 (76) 506 270  +36 (76) 509-437
or ask your Network Distributor, so you can enjoy the advantages Biyovis® have to offer as soon as possible

We think, there isn’t a more noble cause in life, than to offer ourselves and the humanity with functioning solutions to 21st century civilization problems and thus ensuring survival.

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