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Sleep well at night

Wake up relaxed and healthy! Place the copper sheet under the cotton sheet, thus it not only relieves cramps and sore muscles, but also shades you from high frequency radiation.

It protects your body from the harms caused by computer, mobile phones, electro smog and electric cord. It is especially recommended for stressed and restless sleepers. It ensures a relaxing sleep making you wake up refreshed. Easy to transport, this it can be conveniently brought along with you on trips.

Use the COPPER SHEET at work as well ex: place under floor mat.

- relieves muscle and vessel spasms
- intensifies the immune system’s activity
- helps ensure a calm sleep

The copper bed sheet should be placed at a 0.5-40 cm distance from the body.
Ideal placement: under or inside a sheepskin bedcover. If you don't have a sheepskin bedcover, place a blanket and a normal sheet over the copper bed sheet. It can also be placed under the mattress. Gradually expose a larger and larger part of the body to the copper bed sheet. Spread it gradually, first under the legs, up to the knees, than up to the thighs, waist and heart. Do not unfold it totally before 9-10 days have passed. By gradual unfolding, larger and larger parts of the body will be protected and freed from damaging geophatic forces and can adapt to the equilibrium state. Spreading the copper bed sheet for the first time can cause nightmares, sweating and heart palpitation.
Wash the product separately in lukewarm water, using wool detergents. Hand wash in luke warm water. Evenly spread out to hang dry. Usually cleaning after 2-3 months of usage is sufficient, for it to once again offer perfect protection. The easiest energetic cleaning method is to hold the copper sheet above the bathtub, and rinse each side of the sheet with cold water for one minute each. Dry in sun, this way the water and sunlight’s cleaning effects can be used and as a result the product is like new. Hosts will not settle on the copper sheets' surface

Contains 99,99% pure copper.
On 1m2 there is 30g of copper.

Spreading the copper bed sheet out totally at the first time can cause nightmares, sweating and heart palpitation. Avoid using synthetic bed linen and nightgowns, because these will lower its shielding effect. Use the copper products as instructed by your doctor or therapeutic if it differs from our usage instructions! Those people, who are allergic, have acute infections and or who suffer from Wilson’s disease should never use direct contact therapy! Before using, the copper products please consult with your herbal healer, reflexologies, and kinesiology, especially if you are stressed or have heart problems. Do not wash it in the washing machine, don’t tumble dry it, or iron it! Do not try to clean, shine brown spots with metal cleaners!

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