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One bond and you are relieved

Have you ever woken up having a sore neck? Or from a sudden move, you sprained your neck, perhaps you got a draft? These are all unexpected unwanted symptoms…

Tie the shawl around your neck to relieve the muscle cramps from the neck and upper back vertebrae. With its use it reduces the pressure on the disc and nerve tract, prevents the vertebrae from being calcified. It is recommended to be used in drafty areas, while driving, and in air-conditioned rooms.

- neck and shoulder pain
- joint and lower back pain
- treating edema

It is useful to tie the shawl around your neck, or wrap it around the body part, which is in pain. During the first week, wear it for short periods of time (according to how you feel, 10 minutes to 3 hours). From the second week, you can use it continuously. Use the product to prevent or handle frequent headaches, or eye problems. The copper will naturally turn greenish, bluish in color from sweat; do not try to remove it, since it speeds up its wearing. Its average life expectancy is one year.

If you start to itch after wearing it for a couple months, it means that the organism has picked up appropriate amount of copper. Take a few weeks break from using the shawl, later you can start wearing again.


Contains 99,99% pure copper.

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