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Skin cure

Has your skin ever started to itch and have you ever gotten a rash from some cosmetics, or perhaps from cleaning products? Eczema illnesses are often an allergic reaction where our skin is trying to protect itself from preservatives it encounters.

The plant agents make the cream light yellow in color, which quickly absorbs into the skin’s deeper layers, where it regenerates, vitalizes cells, heals wounds, and stimulates the skin’s blood provision and cells’ metabolism.
HERBA GOLD ACTIVE BALM usage is broad scaled; it can be applied on any part of the body. It was clinically proven that the balm has outstanding results when applied on pimply skin, endogen eczema, acne vulgaris, elder’s skin.


- everyday face and body care
- minor skin injuries, skin inflammation
- dermatitis
- dry skin for all ages

Several families use the Balm  for traditional skin care purposes, and also for treating day to day occuring problems like smaller-larger injuries which don't require medical assistance (ex: bruises, scrapes, smaller cuts) also for treating skin changes (ex: dry skin, chapped skin, itchiness, rashes etc.).


Main ingredients: Eco nature deriving flavonoids,  standardized Gingko Biloba extract, Marigold oil extract, Vitamin A, E, B5, beta carotene, PABA vitamins, honey, glicerin, primrose-, corn germ-, flax oil and pumpkin seed oil.

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