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Effectively protect your hands from pathogens by properly washing your hands

It is enough to touch the doorknob, or touch the rails, and we already picked up a bunch of bacteria. It is important, to use the appropriate soap to remove these bacteria, and thus prevent illnesses from developing.

The HERBA GOLD Antibacterial liquid soap contains antibacterial active agents that maintain the skin’s ecosystem, nourish, create new cells, smoothen and naturally hydrate skin, with hypoallergenic characterized components. It gently but effectively cleans, and does not dehydrate the skin. Other than using it at home, it can be used at workplaces- food industry, commerce- since it is a registered hand-washing product. 1323/2006/OÉTI

- washing hands
- keeping intimate areas clean
- used on problematic skin surfaces

Apply water on the surface of the skin that needs to be cleaned, and thoroughly scrub your skin with liquid soap, and rinse off. Finally dry skin.


Main ingredients: Capryloyl Glycin, Allantoin, Panthenol, Krameria Triandra extract

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Herba Gold NonimedPurex

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