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We see your intention of placing an order.

The content of your basket is below 30 points, in order to continue placing a purchase we ask that you choose from the following options:

1. Registered Customer:
- purchase at customer price

- cannot build network, or rather isn’t entitled to receive


- every 10th new registrant participates in a raflle to receive a

- exclusively they can take advantage of monthly customer price

- by filling out Customer registration they are entitled to continu-
  ous membership




2. Discont Partner:

- minimum 30 point value purchase at customer price one time
  only +

- 2,500 Ft registration fee which contains a registration portfolio:
  (Marketing plan+ Distributor contract + Customer registration +

  Order form + price list + 2 pc electronic carrying devices 1.
  Biyovis introduction film + Product and business philosophy film +
  Victory Day film 2. Product catalogue, Customer and Distributor
  price list, Biyovis lexicon, order form, product philosophy and
  business introduction, marketing plan and business policy.


- continuous membership

- further purchases received at warehouse price

- you can build a network, but you are only entitled to receive
  commission if in a given month your personal point turnover
  reaches 250 points.


 3. Registered Customer:
- First purchase of 250 point value at warehouse price
We recommend you purchase one of the BIYOPACKS, to receive  the advantages listed below and with which you can receive GIFTS. For more information on the subject please visit Business opportunity menu point.

- receive registration blotter as a gift
- no registration fee
- continuous membership
- purchase at warehouse price
- entitled to receive commission
- no delivery charge at the time of registration
*only for registrants within Hungary

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